8 Best Drugstore Primer For Oily Skin

You know how difficult it is to apply foundation flawlessly if you have oily skin. It’s likely that you’ve observed how bright, erratic, and temporary it is. Face primer is the solution to this issue.

Best drugstore primers for oily skin even out skin tone and provide a flawless foundation for makeup, hiding large pores and supporting you in obtaining that flawless, elegant look.

Here are some best drugstore primers for oily skin that give you a dreamy makeup look.

Best Drugstore Primer For Oily Skin

E.L.F Cosmetic Elf Oil Control Primer

According to makeup experts, the E.L.F. Cosmetics Matte Oil-Manage Primer helps to control excess oil and grease throughout the day. E.L.F. Cosmetics Matte Oil-Manage Primer contains kaolin clay, which is recognized for its oil-absorbing capabilities. Argan oil, which is widely renowned for its antibacterial characteristics, is also employed in the primer.

L’oreal Studio Secret Primer

If you’re looking for a primer that improves the texture of your skin, check for L’Oreal’s Magic Perfecting Base. This silky, light cream glides on smoothly and quickly helps get rid of large pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin appears and feels smoother, and you receive a consistent matte finish that lasts all day. The best drugstore makeup primer for oily skin and easily available in drugstores.

E.l.f Poreless Primer

This e.l.f primer transforms your skin into a deliciously smooth canvas at an inexpensive price. Essential oil and provitamin A and C are added for medicinal purposes. Its silky, smooth texture is suitable for oily skin, and it efficiently keeps makeup in place all day. This is one of the best drugstore primers for oily skin.

NYX Professional Makeup Shine Killer Primer

Nyx Primer is just like its name. It kills the shine and absorbs the extra oil on your face. This oil-absorbing, anti-shine primer contains charcoal to help act as a buffer between your skin and your makeup. Light beige color with a matte finish is also available. To help reduce shine, apply it on oily areas of the face like the forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Revlon’s perfecting primer has rising filter technology that mimics picture filters for an airbrushed effect. Its rosy tone enhances and softens the appearance of imperfections on the skin. Furthermore, the oil-free lotion is gentle on the skin. This primer is affordable and one of the best drugstore makeup primer for oily skin.

Wet N Wild Primer For Oily Skin

Wet N Wild is another low-cost cosmetics brand that consumers like. The presence of the Primer Focus Primer Serum on this list is unsurprising. This primer is exceptionally light on the skin because it’s a serum. Because of this, it’s perfect for people with oily skin.
The ingredients include Blossom Water, Chamomile Lead Essence, and Green Tea Extracts. These ingredients hydrate the skin without causing it to become oily. It creates a blank canvas on the skin, allowing for easy foundation application. It does not leave a greasy or greasy residue on the skin. Wet N Wild is also a cruelty-free company.

Neutrogena Shine Control Matte Primer + Serum

Neutrogena’s serum-to-primer range is worth checking out if you favor serums. It includes rice protein, which acts like a sponge to absorb excess oil and may be used just without makeup. It goes on smoothly and dries matte, making pores look smaller. It is easily available and has a budget-friendly primer.

Ulta Poreless Primer

The Ulta Poreless Face Primer evens out the skin’s surface and acts as a primer for the rest of the makeup. Blackheads, dark circles, and scars appear to be less prominent. As a consequence, your makeup will appear even more flawless. Other complexion ingredients include Grape Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Green Tea Extract, and others. All of these substances moisturize the skin, which is good for oily skin. This product contains no oils, parabens, or fragrances. Ulta Beauty is also chemical-free certified!


Primes are the need of every makeup lover. There are several primers available now for various skin types. If you have oily skin and you are searching for the best drugstore primer for oily skin. In this article, you will find the top drugstore primers.

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