10 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

You can navigate the mass data on social networks with the use of hashtags. Consider how many posts on Instagram there have been over the years, including pictures, videos, descriptions, and other content. You can make sense of all that data with hashtags. They support your search and categorization of postings into topics and groups.

The finest Instagram hashtag generator tools are listed here, so you can use them to create the ideal mix of hashtags for each of your posts.


You may use Flick, a hashtag generation tool, to use hashtags on Instagram successfully. It not only facilitates hashtag management and discovery but also identifies the hashtags that are improving your discoverability. You may get important stats and insights to aid in selecting the ideal hashtag for your post in the complete table displayed when searching for content. The effectiveness of these hashtags for each specific post in your feed can then be monitored by Flick.

The fact that Flick includes useful training resources and courses to assist you get the most of the software, in addition to its extensive analytical tools, is one of its strongest aspects.

  • comprehensive hashtag search
  • insights of Instagram accounts
  • Free education courses
  • Solo Plan: $9.60/month 
  • Growth Plan  $16.50/month 


This is a versatile Instagram marketing tool that includes a hashtag search function. The hashtag generator offered by Inflact is both user-friendly and efficient. Other than its hashtag generator, Inflict has several great features. The app may connect into your account and automatically follow other accounts and like posts using the auto-like and follow tool.

It is simple to set up. You can select your target market, set daily restrictions, turn on filters to block offensive posts, and more. The hashtag generator leverages excellent AI technology. You can look for hashtags using a keyword, image, or URL. Use of the hashtag generation tool is totally free. You must subscribe in order to access any of the other tools or services.

Using this technology, Vogue increased its following by 15k in just two months and saw a 24.4% increase in traffic coming from hashtags.

  • Quick and relevant hashtag suggestions
  • option to search in addition to keywords using a photo and URL
  • technology based on AI
  • Ability of adding 5 keywords at once
  • Basic Plan: $54/monthly
  • Advanced Plan: $64/month 


Tools for creating hashtags are an essential component of your social media marketing toolkit.

With the help of the effective hashtag generating tool HashTagsForLikes, you can get the most well-liked and well-trending hashtags for any industry. The best thing is that it may be used as a tool for progress.

In addition to providing a respectable hashtag generator, HashTagsForLikes will assist you in managing your social media account and posts so that you can efficiently obtain more followers through higher-quality posts and hashtags.

The hashtag generator doesn’t offer much more than categorising the hashtags, despite the interface’s simplicity.

Look elsewhere if you’re seeking for important analytical data.

  • Obtain recommendations for pertinent hashtags
  • Remove hashtags that are not relevant to you automatically
  • Features more than 20 languages
  • Has a Banned Hashtag Checker to look for flagged hashtags
  • Regular Plan: $19/Weekly 
  • Pro Plan: $25/Weekly 

All Hashtag

You can create the best hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms with the aid of All Hashtag. To receive hashtag recommendations related to a term, you must first enter the word.

With the help of this application, you can easily copy-paste tens of thousands of pertinent hashtags into your social media posts after generating and analyzing them. By doing this, you may increase the social media presence of your brand and broaden the audience for your content.

  • Obtain recommendations for pertinent hashtags
  • Follow the effectiveness of hashtags
  • automatically weed out hashtags that are unnecessary
  • skips over tagged hashtags
  • Completely free, no sign up needed.


Kicksta is a great tool for assisting with organic Instagram channel growth. Kicksta can assist you in increasing your social media following by using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The greatest comparison for Kicksta is to an Instagram bot that increases your account’s followers through natural means.

Kicksta achieves this using a specific audience. Starting with comparable accounts or direct competitors, it involves liking posts that are similar to the ones you are posting. The hashtag generator on Kicksta is easy to use and offers a search bar where you can type in a keyword or subject. The programme will then produce a list of hashtags associated with that subject.

To assist you in determining which hashtags were most effective, the hashtag tool also provides metrics.

  • Comprises a vast array of tools and analytics to increase your following.
  • Countless helpful analytics, such as hashtag performance
  • Check for blacklisted hashtags on your account 
  • Automatically filter out hashtags that are irrelevant to you
  • Standard Plan: $49/month
  • Premium Plan: $99/month 


Using your photographs, posts, and phrases, the web app Instavast creates appropriate hashtags automatically.

You have three options: upload a picture, input the post’s URL, or enter a term associated with it. Additionally, this tool will produce a list of hashtags that can be used to increase the engagement of your post.

Before purchasing, you can use the tool for a free 3-day trial.

By only charging the user for the tools they really use, pricing is implemented. A hashtag generator, an Instagram comment tracker, an automated messenger, and an Instagram automation tool are all examples of tools.

  • Obtain recommendations for relevant hashtags
  • Follow the effectiveness of hashtags
  • Plan your Instagram postings.
  • Automated follows and likes
  • The hashtag generator costs $10/monthly for 1 user.


Another free tool for creating hashtags is TagsFinder.

You can enter up to ten hashtags at once in TagsFinder. Then, using the supplied hashtags, it will discover pertinent hashtags.

The ability to filter out certain hashtags and select your country are two of TagsFinder’s best features.

  • Select your nation.
  • 10 hashtags are allowed.
  • automatic removal of hashtags
  • Includes a Banned Hashtag Checker to search for flagged hashtags
  • TagsFinder is completely free to use without registration


You can come up with trending hashtags that are appropriate for your content using SISTRIX. You may gain more followers and likes on your posts as a result. All you have to do is type a hashtag that applies to your message. This tool will recommend the top 30 hashtags that go with your tag.

And what else, you ask? Over 15 billion hashtag combinations were used to get the data displayed by SISTRIX. The data in this tool, which covers more than 7.7 million different hashtags, is updated frequently.

The best part about its user-friendly interface is that the hashtag generator is totally free to use!

  • Obtain recommendations for pertinent hashtags
  • Follow the effectiveness of hashtags
  • automatically eliminate hashtags that are offensive
  • SISTRIX’s hashtag generator tool is free to use on their website


Based on the content of your photo, Photerloo utilizes machine learning to produce relevant hashtags and keywords. Drag and drop the picture you want to share is what you need to do. Then, with the aid of this software, you can find the hashtags that will go with your post.

This software can help you increase the number of likes and shares for your posts on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok by suggesting appropriate hashtags.

There is a free version, however you are limited to 5 monthly picture uploads.

  • Obtain recommendations for pertinent hashtags
  • creates hashtags and keywords in response to a picture
  • Remove hashtags that are not relevant to you automatically
  • able to simultaneously upload to many sites
  • Free forever plan
  • Unlimited monthly plan: $8/monthly

Keyword Tool

When searching for relevant hashtags and hashtag analytics, Keyword Tool is a great hashtag generator with a well-developed analytics page.

Simply enter a keyword, and the Keyword Tool will spit out a number of hashtags along with important hashtag metrics.

You must upgrade to the software’s Pro edition to view the analytics.

  • Simple and quick to use
  • defining metrics
  • Remove hashtags that are not relevant to you automatically
  • Includes a Banned Hashtag Checker to search for flagged hashtags
  • Pro Basic: $69/monthly
  • Pro Plus: $79/monthly


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