How to Find Trending Hashtags On Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram are a matter of “to be, or not to be” since they boost the social media reach of your posts and help people find your content. They classify content and increase the visibility of your content to more people.

So one of the best strategies to expand your Instagram profile is by using hashtags.

What does it all mean? The hashtags can be clicked. When a user clicks on a hashtag on an Instagram post or types it into the search bar, a page displaying material that has been tagged with that specific hashtag will load. That is their strength.

Hashtags are available for usage in posts, stories, and reels. If you use the right hashtag to identify your work, it will show up on the hashtag page.

Check the Instagram’s Explore Page

An algorithm controls the Explore Page. It is a collection of posts and clips made by the accounts you follow, your followers, and your reactions. Here, you can find stuff that appeals to your interests. Everyone has a unique perspective.

You will need to search manually, but it’s an excellent location to find hashtags. Check the posts’ descriptions by clicking them. Thus, it will take a lot of time.

The thing about the Explore page is that getting there boosts your chances of reaching a larger audience tremendously. It can be done by comprehending the Instagram algorithm and adapting your strategy to it. One of the elements that determines whether your material appears on the Explore tab is what’s trending on Instagram.

Check the hashtag autocomplete function.

There’s a search engine on Instagram. It allows us to conduct searches on accounts, audio, locations, and, of course, tags. It can be used by anyone to look up hashtags linked to their interests.

The search engine suggests related, well-known hashtags as you type. Additionally, it displays the tags that the accounts you follow follow.

It’s vital to remember that this tool provides hashtags with millions of posts that are quite popular. Well, it’s not the best idea to use such a well-liked tag. Your material has a very high likelihood of being lost in the noise.

Utilize the social listening app

One of the best ways to find well-liked Instagram hashtags devoted to your brand is by using a social listening service.

How does such a device function?

Social listening systems typically gather in-the-moment mentions of predetermined keywords from throughout the web.

Almost any keyword is available for monitoring. Several examples of what you might track are given below:

The name of your business’s logo, line of goods, or service

branded hashtags you use

your unique campaign hashtag

Name of your CEO or any other well-known team member

keywords relevant to your industry

Terms that could become popular in the future

The tool determines the most popular hashtags associated with your company based on that data.

Follow relevant hashtags

You can follow Instagram persons, of course, but did you also know that you can follow hashtags? Yes, you can click “Follow” to see the top posts that have been hash tagged on the main page. Similar hashtags will probably be used in those posts.

Because of this, it’s a terrific way to find trending and relevant hashtags. It’s also a great place to find content inspiration.

Simply read the post descriptions to see if any hashtags that can work with your content are used. Once more, it’s a time-consuming solution that needs a lot of your focus.

Keep up with relevant influencers

On Instagram, trends are created by influencers. That is true. So why not see what hashtags they employ? Nothing is wrong with imitating their actions.

Hashtags are another element of Instagram Stories. Don’t forget to follow.

Discover websites with listings of hashtags

Lists of Instagram trending hashtags are widely available on the internet. Remember that these lists contain extremely popular tags that are used by millions of users. It’s not always a good idea to include them in your Instagram posts, as I previously stated. Furthermore, it’s challenging to confirm that the lists are reliable and up-to-date. Even still, a lot of individuals use Google to look up the most used hashtags.

 Therefore, I suggest the following sources if you’re looking for such a list:

  • Instagram’s Most Popular Hashtags, According to Influencer Marketing Hub
  • All Hashtags’s Top 100 Hashtags,
  • The Top 50 Trendiest Hashtags, According to Later
  • Most Used Instagram Hashtags according to Flick

Use mobile applications

Mobile applications that produce well-liked hashtags for social media platforms are abundant in app stores. It makes sense that there are many smartphone apps that suggest popular hashtags given that we all use Instagram on mobile devices.

On the same features, such mobile applications are based. You can look up hashtags by category or make your own by entering keywords. You can sort hashtags by how many times they have been used, which is essential. This function was really useful to me. Mobile hashtag generator apps’ free versions typically have tonnes of full-screen pop-up advertising.


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