Top 10 Facebook Automation Tools

An automation tool for Facebook has two uses. One of them is the ability to plan all of your Facebook content at once for a future date and time.

You might employ it to create a variety of Facebook items for your numerous profiles. You can automatically publish images, movies, gifs, links, and other forms of content with Facebook auto poster services.

By doing this, future Facebook posts might be scheduled and automatically published.

Second, a Facebook auto poster keeps your Facebook profiles current by posting content from RSS Feeds automatically. You can connect a number of RSS Feeds to your various Facebook Groups and Pages so that postings are automatically made while you are sleeping.

The 10 Best Facebook Automation Tools for Facebook Groups and Pages are listed in this article.


The majority of the tedious work is handled by NapoleonCat, an all-in-one social media management automation platform, so you can concentrate on attracting and converting clients. It is the whole social media toolset for your team, equipped with a host of potent features like a solid publishing platform and a Social Inbox solution that enables you to handle comments and messages from numerous Facebook profiles.

  • Contains a Social Inbox feature that enables your team to manage all social media accounts from a single, practical dashboard.
  • By setting up intelligent auto-replies with the help of the auto-moderation tool, you can reduce the time it takes to reply to comments and messages by as much as 66%. Additionally, it automatically removes offensive comments from beneath Facebook and Instagram advertising.

A free 14-day trial is available. Paid plans start with Standard Plan priced at $24/month for basic features.


Buzzsumo is a research and analytics platform for finding content and coming up with new ideas. By monitoring and assessing the millions of articles and social media interactions, it aids you in analysing and identifying trends in your sector. Buzzsumo is a great choice if you want to quickly determine the types of content that will resonate with your audience.

  • A powerful discovery tool that can assist you in locating high-performing content that will keep your audience interested.
  • analyses countless data points in order to produce insights that can be used to improve your social media strategy.
  • Utilize built-in tools to increase collaboration chances by identifying influencers in your industry and niche.
  • keeps you abreast of rival brands, competitor mentions, and market developments.

Starts at $99/month ($79/month if you pay yearly) for 10 custom feeds and five users. A free 30-day trial is available.


The posting of your social media content is automated by the social media management tool MeetEdgar. It facilitates the categorization of your content library into several categories and automates their publication.


Gain complete control over the kinds of content that are shared and when. You can use the tool to create an infinite collection of categorised evergreen Facebook updates.

Make social media-worthy posts. The software searches relevant social media posts and converts them into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn updates using machine learning.

Run A/B tests on your content to see which changes have the most effects on your intended audience.


Starts at $29.99/month for five social media accounts. The next plan (Edgar Plan) is priced at $49.99/month for 25 social media accounts. Free 7-day trial available.


With the use of a service called Zapier, you can automate your processes and transport data between your apps, freeing up time and resources for more worthwhile endeavours.

Additionally, you can use it to create automated workflows with other marketing tools in your stack, such as your CRM, product management platform, and many others, as well as connect your social media platforms and profiles with one another.


after publication, automatically share marketing materials on social media. Your team won’t have to manually schedule and publish a blog article if you’ve already published it, for instance.

Cross-post on many social networking websites. One Facebook post can instantly be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

send email notifications when someone messages


Free for up to five automations. Pricing starts at $19.99/month for premium apps and 20 Zaps.


A cloud-based communication platform called ManyChat enables you to build chatbots that you can use to engage customers and sell your business. Additionally, it can develop comprehensive automation sequences across several social media sites, enabling you to engage visitors and produce more qualified leads.


The navigation is simple and self-explanatory due to the user interface’s welcoming design and abundance of icons, so it doesn’t take long to figure out what has to be done.

With the help of the Flow Builder tool, you may automate, alter, and comprehend conversation flows by getting a bird’s eye perspective of a whole discussion sequence.

Testing A/B. Run a split test to see which flows convert most effectively. 


The free plan grants access to basic features. The Pro plan is priced at $15/month and grants access to all advanced Pro features.


With CoSchedule, an all-in-one marketing platform, you can plan out and organise your social media content such that it can automatically publish across several social media platforms with little work on your part. The tool’s content calendar, which enables you to plan out your Facebook material in advance and gain a broad perspective of your social media content strategy, is one of its finest features.


You can view, schedule, and share all of your social media posts using our social media marketing calendar.

You may create social media copy using a social media optimizer that increases interaction, fosters trust, and generates conversions.

organiser for content. Utilize a single, live editorial calendar to get a bird’s eye view of your social media content plan.


Starts at $29 per user, per month, for limitless publishing. A free 14-day trial is available. 


You can automatically plan and publish content across all social media platforms, including Facebook Groups, TikTok, Pinterest Boards, and more, with the robust social media publishing tool SocialPilot. To enhance brand interaction, design and schedule personalized content for each network using the tool’s user-friendly dashboard.


Spend less time creating and scheduling personalised posts. Up to 500 posts can even be bulk-scheduled in a single upload.

A social media calendar that provides you with both a broad and detailed picture of your social media strategy can help you gain insights that will increase engagement and help you convert more leads.

Create reports fast, download them, and email them to your clients.


Starts with Studio Plan at $85/month for 50 social media accounts, five users, and unlimited clients. A free 14-day trial is available.


You may monitor brand and product mentions on social networking sites on the internet with the help of Mentionlytics, a strong social media monitoring tool. Your personal brand analyst and counsellor, the tool provides you with the information you need to manage and expand your social media presence.


without their tagging your profiles, uses social intelligence technologies to uncover conversations people are having about your company and its products.

creates statistics about the effectiveness of your Facebook postings and overall social media campaign.

gives you access to a clever central hub that enables you to keep an eye on social media debates.

gathers and examines competitor data, enabling you to do competitor analysis and compare your accomplishments to those of your rivals.


Starts with a Basic Plan priced at $49/month for 5 keyword rules and 10 social profiles. A free trial is also available.


Tidio is a strong social live chat tool that may help you increase sales and provide exceptional customer care. You may easily create your own chatbot flow using the AI feature of the chatbot system, automating 40% of your customer support conversations. It features more than 20 templates that you can use and modify to respond to your customers’ most frequent inquiries.


To engage visitors to your Facebook Page in real-time conversation, use the Live Chat function.

Make the live chat widget your own so that it matches the design of your company.

By creating, customising, and scheduling your Facebook posts in bulk, you may save time.

You may quickly create your own chatbot flow and automate close to 50% of your customer interactions.

Automatically qualify leads and time your marketing communications to be sent.


Free plan includes unlimited chats and 100 unique reachable visitors. Chatbots plan, which is priced at $39/month, includes all the free features, unlimited active chatbots


With the help of Tailwind, you can establish your social media presence more quickly and intelligently by delegating the majority of the labor-intensive tasks associated with social media marketing. Using the programme is comparable to paying the whole cost of a full-time social media marketing team.


Without design experience, quickly create unique designs for your Facebook post.

See a calendar of every social media post you’ve ever made.

The platform automatically publishes your Facebook posts for you after you schedule your Facebook material.


Starts with Pro Plan priced at $9.99/month for 100 posts/month. Includes a “forever free plan.”



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