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IT Trivia – Coding Quiz & Learn Programming Languages

Want to test your knowledge of a specific programming language? Take our free question quiz to see how much you know about coding with IT Trivia.

IT Trivia is the quiz app that will help students to learn programming languages & improve their coding skills for technical interviews with user friendly app.

Knowledge is Power. Power excels you in this world. Our goal at Innocent Coders, is to make learning to code easier and help to enhance coding skills for all learners. People learn coding from various platforms but are unable to answer questions in interviews or competitive exams due to lack of practice. IT Trivia aims to provide a platform where learner’s of all backgrounds can challenge their knowledge and simultaneously learn new concepts at any time.

How to use:

You can simply use this app by downloading from Play Store “IT Trivia” & don’t forget to share your feedback so that we can make it easier for you.

Download from Play Store:

Image of IT Trivia:

IT Trivia
IT Trivia
IT Trivia

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We hope you’ll take a ride to our free IT Trivia quiz app that allows any newbie in the technical field to enhance their programming skills and help candidates for the technical interview round.

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  1. Embriodery Digitizing 3 years ago

    Programming language is one of the toughest languages i have ever learn from the internet.

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