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What is Artificial Intelligence? Advantage & Disadvantage of AI

Artificial Intelligence

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The year 2020 has brought a massive change in the lives of every human being. The pandemic of Covid-19 taught us that no matter who you are, the tiny invisible virus can catch you. But in between this disastrous time period, many hospitals have served better without infecting their medical staff. This extraordinary thing happened with the use of AI. They built a robot who can care for a Covid patient just like a human does.

These incidents are not happening for the first time, the beginning of Artificial Intelligence started a long time ago. Now the use of this Technology is reaching every living person. Just look around yourself, your Smartphones or Laptop in which right now you are reading, Google Home and so many other devices. You are continuously working using these technologies. These are the few examples of artificial intelligence. In which a man made machine integrated with a certain program that makes it work like a human. It consists of almost all of the intelligence of a human and sometimes even more than that.

In recent times, there are different types of artificial intelligence coming into the world and the role of AI application is rapidly increasing. Nowadays, it is a vastly growing industry of healthcare, chatbots, ecommerce and many more. There are many aspects that work together to provide advanced and effective services that help in providing maximum results in a short period of time. Let’s have a look at how this man did his job without any hassle.

1. Machine learning-

It is the most important aspect of AI which allows the system to use data in such a way to learn things automatically. It is the ability through which a machine can predict, act and take the required decisions.

2. Deduction and Reasoning Systems-

This is a part of the system through which the capability to solve a problem has built. It is possible through deducing information and applying certain rules with respect to the environment at the present time.

3. Motion and robotics-

It is a major part of the entire AI system when the particular application is highly advanced and able to work similarly just like a human. It allows you to manage a relation between the control system and physical component to perform a task just like a human being.

4. Voice and Image Recognition-

You may have used this feature in your phone many times. Yeah the ‘Hello Google or OK Google’ thing is a voice recognition and your Google assistance becomes active to work for you. This is the best part of the AI that makes the system communicate with a human in a common language.

Advantage of AI-

There is no doubt that AI is much more effective and advanced as compared to a real person. It can find a solution to a difficult problem in a few seconds and easily perform complicated tasks without hassle. With that, it minimizes the risk of error that a living person can do.

Disadvantages of AI-

If there are pros then there must be cons. Similarly there are equal and serious disadvantages of AI like the role of a living person in working is decreasing day by day. They may bring a generation of lazy people who are not willing to do anything on their own, they will just sit back chilling as everything can be done with an order. This can cause human potential can’t be excel to its fullest

The entire industry of AI is far bigger than you think. Day to day there are numerous inventions coming out with more advanced features and technologies that amaze the world and entire human race. If you are more interested in this extraordinary concept of technology then you can enroll for Artificial Intelligence Courses online or either offline. And you can be the part of this fastest growing industry of modern world.

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