Best SERP Tracking Tools

Are you searching for some of the best SERP tracking tools to keep track of your blog or keyword rankings?

Are you searching for some of the best SERP tracking tools to keep track of your blog or keyword rankings?

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place.

You may have been informed at the outset of your blogging or SEO career that the only way to check your SERP rankings was to enter your keywords and look for blog positions.

Yeah, I’ve been there, and you’d agree with me that this way of rank checking is boring and prone to errors. You’ll need a simple but effective strategy to take care of this for you. Then there’s SERP tracking software.

However, as a result of the pain felt by SEO professionals and bloggers, plenty of new tools have developed, each claiming to be the best.

In this blog, I will be listing the best SERP tracking software that you can actually rely on for rank checking.

1. SEMrush Rank Tracker

SEMrush is a powerful and well-respected tool for tracking keyword rankings in Google. When we talk about SEMrush, we’re talking about one of the greatest tools for managing all of your SEO tasks, such as link building, website auditing, and keyword tracking.

SEMrush is used by many well-known companies, like Quora, eBay, and HP, for their SEO efforts. Its keyword ranking tracking feature will allow you to keep track of your keyword rankings in as many countries as you desire, on any device.

2. – Best Rank Tracker Tool

The tool focuses exclusively on tracking the position of a keyword in a SERP and does not include any other SEO tools. This tool is very useful for delivering accurate upswing and downswing information via email, and it can also be integrated with Slack, which is quite convenient for users.

Beginners, digital marketers, and SEO companies can use this tool to track the position of keywords in SERPs with daily keyword position analytics and to see how their website performs in SERPs.

3. Serpstat – Free SERP Tracking Tool

Serpstat is another comprehensive SEO tool that includes SERP tracking as well as other SEO features such as keyword research, backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, on-page site audits, and more.

It has a solid reputation among large clients, SEO agencies, and industry experts. As a result, it has received high reviews on a number of review websites.

4. SE Ranking – Online Rank Tracker Tool

Without adding SE Ranking, no list of SERP tracking tools would be complete. This internet software’s power and effectiveness are undeniable.

SE Ranking is a complete SEO toolkit that offers many SEO tools, including SERP tracking tools and rank tracking features, if you haven’t heard of it yet. You’ll also be surprised to learn that, despite being a relatively new technology on the market, SE Ranking has over 300,000 customers.


It’s finally time to choose one of the best SERP tracking tools for rank checking and SERP research.

If you’re still confused about your options, I recommend signing up for their free trials and then make a decision at the end of your free trial time.

As always, feel free to leave any questions or comments on the SERP tracking tools in the comments section. I’ll make every effort to resolve them as soon as possible.

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