Best Bug Tracking Tools - Defect Tracking Tools

In a software development project, a bug tracking tool can assist in the recording, reporting, assigning, and tracking of defects. There are a variety of defect tracking tools on the market.

The following is a list of the best Bug Tracking Software: These Top Issue or Defect Tracking Tools Will Help You Track Defects Efficiently.

1. Backlog – Bug Tracking Software

Backlog is an all-in-one bug and project tracking platform. Anyone may easily submit issues and view a complete history of issue updates and status changes. Backlog is used by development teams to collaborate with other teams to create high-quality projects.


Complete history of problem updates and status changes.
Easy bug tracking tool
Search and advanced search features
Project and issues with subtasks
Wikis and Watchlists
Native mobile apps
Git and SVN built-in
Kanban-style boards for visual workflow
Gantt Charts and Burndown charts

2. SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam is a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that includes integrated bug tracking. With built-in end-to-end traceability, SpiraTeam allows you to manage your whole testing process, from requirements through tests, problems, and issues.


During the execution of the test script, new incidents are automatically created.
Changes in the customised workflow status trigger email notifications.
Statuses, priorities, defect kinds, and severity levels are all fully customisable event fields.
Ability to link incidents (bugs) to other artifacts and incidents.
Ability to report issues and bugs via email.

3. Userback

Userback is a visual issue reporting and feedback tool for websites. It’s the quickest way for users and software teams to report defects on any website or programme. Collect visual and contextual bug reports quickly to help you recreate and fix problems. Userback records annotated screenshots, browser information, custom data, video recordings, console logs, and more automatically.


  • Visual bug reporting for you and your users
  • Manage bugs and user feedback in one place
  • Kanban-style task board
  • Create custom workflows
  • User-friendly drawing, annotation and video recording tools
  • Powerful team collaboration.

4. ClickUp

ClickUp is a bug tracking application with a lot of customization options, including the ability to create your own custom views. This project management solution provides extensive time and task management, as well as the ability to collaborate across business groups. You can use this app to assign and resolve comments to tasks. It makes it simple to set priorities for your job.


  • You can easily filter and search for a specific assignment.
  • It has a large number of templates to choose from.
  • Allows you to work together with others.
  • With only one mouse click, you may assign several jobs.
  • You may organise jobs by project with ClickUp.
  • Allows you to import documents from other apps automatically.
  • Google Calendar can be synced.


I hope this article will help you to choose the Best Bug Tracking Tool. I recommend you to go for a paid plan first use tool in free trial.

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