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Importance of Creating and Investing In a Mobile Friendly Website

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Importance of Creating and Investing In a Mobile Friendly Website

A website can be regarded as your online business storefront. You must be wondering, how is that possible right? Let’s take an example. When you visit a brick and mortar store, you may witness the proper presentation of every other merchandise. The same function is fulfilled by the online business website. It helps people by supporting their decision-making process. The proper arrangement of every product and services has helped people in choosing the product that is best fit for their needs and requirements.

Moreover, today the huge fraction of the population cannot stay a while apart from their smartphones. And with the advent of the technology, the smart phone makers ensure that their mobile phone is equipped with all the latest technology and tools that further work as an aid in their operations. Therefore, with the mobile phones by our side, no one likes to carry the extra baggage of the laptops. In simpler terms, whenever a person hears a company’s name and wants to know more about it, they will google about the company on their mobile phones rather than their laptops.

But another problem that needs our urgent attention is, what if the company’s website takes too long to load on the mobile phones? What if such a situation will make you more annoyed and frustrated? The answer to this is yes, and it will make you switch the website or consider it as a more of a bad link as well. When the bounce rate is too high, not only it is considered as a waste of your marketing efforts but the Google may mark you as a bad link. This can even put you at the risk of losing your targeted traffic.  Isn’t this scary? If yes, then fret not because the following article will dictate you on points as to how to achieve a mobile-friendly website real easy and quick.

It was in 2016 that the number of people using the mobile internet surpassed the computer using people. Such results highlighted the need to make your website more of mobile-friendly and responsive. That is also because the internet is always associated with prompt results and any delay or inconvenience can cost you hefty amounts and loss of targeted traffic. Well the following are the points that can help you in getting faster and responsive mobile based website that too in few minutes:

  1. Better content and information is a key to make your website more responsive.
  2. Make information easily accessible to the interested minds.
  3. Don’t use flash because not only it is considered bad for SEO but both the iOS and Android don’t support it.
  4. Turn Autocorrect for forms.
  5. Make the text and button sizes large enough for the mobile phones
  6. Compress your images and CSS

Well, at Rudra Web Consulting we offer the above-mentioned services and help you with the tricks that are keys to building a responsive mobile based website content. Hence, on a concluding note, we can come to a closure that it is very essential to create a mobile-friendly website as those who don’t have the same are lacking what it needs to survive in the internet rat race.

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