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Top Free Backlink Checker Tool You Should be Using

Top Backlink Checker Tools

Are you curious about the source of your backlinks? Or look at the backlinks of a competitor?

Backlinks can assist you improve your search engine results and visitors.

The excellent backlink checker tool will help you find fresh link-building opportunities, learn about your competitors’ techniques, and keep track of the health of your backlink profile. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top backlink checkers on the market, so you can audit your site’s backlink profile as well as that of your competitors, they must be offered for free, either whole or partially.

1. Ahref Backlink Checker Tool

Ahrefs is a famous backlink checker tool. With this free tool, you can see the top 100 backlinks to any domain or webpage. They are a subscription tool, but their free plan allows you to check backlinks for free. You may also create an account and receive a comprehensive backlink and anchor text analysis of your website. Ahrefs provides a complete backlink analysis for every domain or webpage. The engine is quite well-liked.

2. OpenLinkProfiler – Free Link Analysis Tool

OpenLinkProfiler gives you a variety of alternatives when examining backlinks for your blog,. It provides a full report or optimization, as well as examining backlinks for a specific page or an entire website. It also has a variety of outputs and other functions. This is a free backlink checker application that lets you see the most recent backlinks (as well as all other backlinks) referring to your website. You may also get 1000 of the most recent backlinks as a.csv file. This tool is probably the greatest free alternative for checking your site’s links.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool designed to assist webmasters in improving their websites. It’s absolutely free, however it may only be used to analyse your own websites. After your ownership has been verified, you’ll have access to a number of site quality dashboards, one of which is a list of backlinks pulled directly from Google’s index. You can only see the top 1,000 results, no matter how big the list is. There are no further metrics or analytics capabilities available on the site, but you can export the data and examine it with other tools.

4. SEMRush

One of the top recommendations for a backlink analyzer is SEMRush. It’s one of the greatest keyword research tools on the market, and it comes with many strong backlink analysis capabilities.

To use the backlink features, go to SEMRush and click on ‘Backlink Analytics,’ then key in the domain name you wish to look at. After that, you’ll see a lot of data about the website and its backlinks.

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