Best Marketing Automation Software (Free & Paid)

The process of automating and scaling repetitive marketing processes is known as marketing automation. Marketing automation tools also allow businesses to assess the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Campaigns are at the heart of most marketing automation solutions.

Batch and blast email campaigns are less difficult than marketing automation initiatives. Beyond email, campaigns might include social media, SMS, landing pages, and other digital channels. They can also be built with intricate logic. This is where automation comes in. Based on lead activity, users can segment leads, tailor messaging, and trigger events (such as sending an email or updating a record). After a campaign has ended, reporting tools can be used to assess its success. This informs marketers on what worked and what didn’t.

1. Growmatik – WooCommerce Marketing Automation

Growmatik is a WordPress and WooCommerce marketing automation and customization software that does it all. It gathers user data across three touchpoints (website content, email, and popup), divides it into groups based on 50+ behavioural variables, and then uses those segments to seamlessly tailor your marketing material across all three channels.

Growmatik - WooCommerce Marketing Automation


  • Use 50+ attributes to segment your audience based on their behaviour and interests (including referral, in-site, email, and shopping activity).
  • To get started quickly, create your own automation or use predefined automation recipes.
  • Get detailed performance reports for each automation separately.
  • The customer journey page might help you figure out what’s going on in your website funnels.
  • To each segment, send tailored emails.
  • Show customised popups to each part.
  • To further tailor your textual marketing content, use 30+ dynamic keywords.


Its pricing model is “Pay as you Grow” & starts at $8/mon.

2. Smaily – Email Marketing and Automation

Smaily is an intentionally simple tool made to create and send out beautiful newsletters. It suits any user, regardless of background and proficiency – from little companies just starting their marketing journey to experienced email marketing pros and designers looking for further creative freedom.

They stand out by offering a combination of extraordinary customer support, a comfortable price, and excellent quality. With customer experience as a primary focus, Smaily delivers cloud-based email marketing services, ranging from software to content development, design, and consultation. They work hand in hand with small to enterprise-level businesses, retailers, and design, advertising, and marketing agencies to develop original custom solutions which drive customer engagement and deliver a substantial ROI.

Smaily – Email Marketing and AutomationFeatures:

  • Automations – Sending welcome and transactional emails, creating automated workflows, sending birthday/anniversary greetings, or saving a deal with abandoned cart emails – you name it!
  • Delivering emails and results. Track opens, clicks and results. Segmentation, managing contacts, and running multivariate A/B tests are all in the package.
  • Integrations – Make the most of your contacts with endless apps and integrations. Connect all customer info from your website, CRM, and eCommerce platform.
  • Landing Pages – You don’t need to be a design guru to build a page that makes visitors want to explore. Smaily helps you build a beautiful landing page with minimal effort.
  • Creating Beautiful Newsletters – Outstanding design tools to create eye-catching email templates fit for any device. An award-winning drag-and-drop editor as a bonus.
  • Dedicated Customer Support and Professional Agency Services – All your questions will be answered quickly, and you’ll receive backup via live chat, email, phone, and even Skype. In addition, Smaily helps with design, HTML, and copywriting and offers marketing consulting.


Smaily offers limitless emails for up to 2000 unique subscribers for free! In case they have more subscribers or specific marketing needs, customers can flexibly choose between a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go package, both of which far exceed the price-quality ratio of competitors.

3. Encharge – Marketing Automation Software For Digital Businesses

Encharge is a marketing automation tool designed specifically for startups and tech firms. It allows businesses to send behavior-based emails based on what customers do on their website or in their app. It also has native integrations with your marketing and sales tools, allowing you to automate the customer journey across your whole stack.

Leading firms like Landbot use Encharge to seamlessly enrol hundreds of thousands of users with relevant, targeted messaging while also automating the entire marketing process. Encharge can help you save hundreds of hours of time on repetitive marketing and sales tasks by automating them. Encharge allows you to nurture new leads, onboard them, convert them, and keep them as customers.

Encharge - Marketing Automation Software For Digital Businesses


  • User segmentation — With the market’s best SaaS segmentation, you may create user segments.
  • Based on user behaviour – Send targeted emails when users do or do not do something in your app.
  • Create exceptional user journeys with a comprehensive and easy-to-use visual flow builder for marketing automation.
  • Email customization – Use highly tailored emails to entice your users to take action.
  • User profiles – Get a full view of your consumer data and see who’s behind the actions.
  • Email editor – Create stunning mobile-friendly emails without having to know HTML.
  • Send system-based emails with the help of an easy-to-use email API.


Cost of Encharge is determined on the number of contacts you have on the site. Its starting price starts at $49 per month.

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