Best WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

WordPress can allow you to create a professional website for your business quickly. The best thing about WordPress websites is that you can increase their functionality by adding various plugins. The plugin scene has grown so much that you can now add any feature you can think of. Join us as we look at the best WordPress plugins for business websites.
General advice for choosing WordPress plugins

The main benefit of using plugins is that they can let you add features that your site would otherwise lack. Instead of having to redesign your site or create a new WordPress website, you can add more functionality. This makes creating websites much easier, and it can save you tremendous amounts of time.

However, some website owners get caught up in adding more and more features that they don’t know when to stop. Placing too many plugins on your site can cause it to slow down or look cluttered. Even worse, if you add plugins without checking them out, it can be a huge security risk. For business websites, safety is top one priority, and a few fancy features aren’t worth compromising the security of your site. It would be best if you didn’t goof around with plugins that don’t come from trusted developers.

Plugins can also create widgets on your site’s front end, which can be a great way to engage visitors on your site and keep them from leaving. Think about which features are missing from your site that is relevant to your core business activities. For example, a travel website can have a weather plugin, so visitors don’t have to leave your site to check the forecast. However, including too many different plugins that aren’t important for your core services will leave your website feeling cluttered. Therefore, it’s much better to show some restraint and only include the plugins your visitors might need while browsing your site.

Here are the 6 Best WordPress plugins for business websites:

1. HubSpot plugin

If there is one thing that every business needs, it’s a way to generate leads. Thankfully, HubSpot’s WordPress plugin comes packing quite a punch. This free tool with multiple features can be helpful to any business. There’s even a built-in CRM to help you manage leads and help customers through the sales funnel. To help you accomplish that task, you can use the live chat and AI chatbot features. It can even help you handle forms, popups, and email marketing. If you are looking for an all-in-one package, HubSpot’s plugin might be right for your business. There is so much to love about this one plugin that we had to give it our number one spot.

2. WPForms

Unless you are skilled at designing websites, you will probably struggle with putting together simple and streamlined contact forms. One of the essential features of every website is to have a way to let your users get in touch with you. The WPForms plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for business websites due to its ease of use. You can drag and drop fields onto your form, which you can later use as contact forms, email subscriptions, payment forms, or any other type of form which your users will need to fill in. Although making your form is super simple, you can also pick from the available templates if you don’t want to bother with creating your own. Unfortunately, WPForms is a paid plugin, but a free lite version is available.

3. LiveChat

This light and fast-loading plugin can enable live chat support for your customers and give you many optimization options. Customer Relationship experts from MoversTech CRM advise that staying connected to your customers is the key to success. Real-time support can be the difference between a successful purchase and an abandoned checkout form. LiveChat also integrates well with other support software and tools, and there is even a mobile app.


Any website owner will tell you that if you want to keep up with your competition, you’ll constantly need to optimize your site for the latest search engine trends. The All In One SEO plugin will help you accomplish that goal and bring more organic traffic to your website. AIOSEO is one of the most popular and best WordPress plugins for business websites, and they boast of having more than 3 million users. Multiple features can help you monitor and improve your on-page SEO. AIO SEO can also help you with your keywords by scoring them and giving you suggestions.

5. Easy Digital Downloads

If your business specializes in selling digital goods such as .pdfs, ebooks, or other files, this is the plugin for you. Easy Digital Downloads can help your customers manage their shopping carts, download multiple files at once, and give them flexible payment options. You will also be able to create customer profiles and provide permissions for users to access your online digital files.

6. MonsterInsights

If you want to go beyond your WordPress website and get more feedback from Google Analytics, this plugin will let you connect the two of them. Then you can see how users come to your site and monitor their behavior through various tracking options. This kind of information can let you know which areas of your business need improvement, and you can optimize your strategy based on hard data and insights. You can also generate detailed reports which will let you track changes in your selected metrics.

In conclusion

We have selected 6 of the best WordPress plugins for business websites that cover a wide range of features. Depending on what kind of business you run, you might not need to use all of the plugins we mentioned. However, regardless of how well your website performs, these plugins can help you get more out of your site. With the numerous free and paid plugins currently available, we are sure you will find something that suits your budget and your needs.

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