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What Are The Best B2B Lead Generation Tools To Grow B2B Leads From LinkedIn

What Are The Best B2B Lead Generation Tools To Grow B2B Leads From LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn Really Effective For B2B Lead Generation?

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for generating new leads for businesses. In the beginning, LinkedIn was primarily developed for job hunting purposes. Now, LinkedIn is not only used for job searching, but companies can use LinkedIn to expand their b2b business and to find b2b leads. LinkedIn not only allows you to share information about your products and services directly with potential clients, but you can also research them, increase your company’s visibility, and most importantly – generate leads!

LinkedIn is one of the best b2b lead generation platforms you have in order to establish a relationship in the world of business. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with professionals and businesses in the world and you will find no limits in connecting with others. With more than 750 million active users, LinkedIn is the most used and best platform for the lead generation process.

What Is The Best B2B Lead Generation Tool To Generate B2B Leads From LinkedIn?

Generating b2b leads from LinkedIn will no longer be a problem if you have the best LinkedIn Lead Generation tool in your access. Your LinkedIn Leads Generator software must be easy-to-use, coding-free, and should have proper video tutorials for understanding the working of the software. It should be eligible to search for leads by name and profile URLs. All of these factors make a LinkedIn Scraper the perfect tool for LinkedIn lead generation.
For LinkedIn lead generation you need the right tools. If your customers or clients are on LinkedIn, here are some of the most important tools that can help you. Looking for the best LinkedIn lead generation tools to grow your b2b leads and sales?

Here is our pick of the best 3 lead generation tools to help you get high quality leads from LinkedIn:

1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Leads Grabber is one of the business tools to find and generate leads from LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Profile Extractor offers you the opportunity to leverage the extensive database of LinkedIn, which has more than 750 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

With LinkedIn Lead Extractor you can:

  • Find the right people/leads by username, profile URL, and zip code.
  • Extract data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles automatically in the shortest time without any coding and technical skills.
  • Export leads from LinkedIn to Excel, CSV, or Text files for easy use.

2. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Data Extractor is the best LinkedIn automation tool for companies of all sizes who wants to generate b2b leads from LinkedIn. It offers a wide range of b2b leads for email marketing, mobile marketing, customer base marketing, consumer marketing, and telemarketing.

With LinkedIn Company Scraper, companies can extract complete data from a LinkedIn company page, group, or profile, so the sales team can contact them directly to sell anything.

LinkedIn Company Extractor can:

  • Provide data in CSV, Excel, or Text file for the user to use it.
  • Increase sales from 0 to 80% with the b2b leads database from LinkedIn.
  • Make a marketing campaign 10X faster when you have a b2b database to contact with customers and businesses.
  • Help you to collect a b2b database of more than 1500 -2000 LinkedIn business pages on a daily basis.
  • Make LinkedIn data scraping much easier for businesses to reach their target market and it also offers a great opportunity for small and medium-size businesses to reach large and global companies to partner with

3.  LinkedIn Lead Recruiter Extractor

LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper is a lead-generation tool that focuses on capturing the contact information of the best candidates from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter. In other words, is the best tool for hiring agencies and big organizations who want to hire a big talented staff for their company. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor can find, extract, and export the best candidates’ details from LinkedIn profiles like email address, phone number, social media links, working history, and much more. You have the option to save this extracted data in CSV, Excel, or Text files.

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor can:

  • Help organizations to hire the best candidates from LinkedIn by scraping targeted candidates’ data from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Improve sales by hiring a quality staff from LinkedIn.

Final Worlds

Every business mission is to increase sales and revenue and these LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools helps businesses to achieve their goals in the shortest time.

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