Best 10 YouTube Keyword Tools

Do you want to know the top YouTube keyword tools? The popular website has a video-based search engine that chooses which videos to display to which users.

You can use YouTube keyword research as an SEO technique to locate the most pertinent search keywords and identify alternative terms that people use to seek for information.

The process of discovering the search phrases individuals enter to find videos is known as YouTube keyword research. This exposes precisely what and how your target audience is asking questions, allowing you to include those keywords in your video’s title, tags, transcript, and description.

You can be sure that the content you’re producing is in line with target audiences by conducting keyword research.

Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

A tool for finding the most profitable keywords to target with your YouTube material is called Ahrefs’ YouTube Keyword Tool. Ahrefs provides you with the actual average monthly search volume and number of clicks on the search results, in contrast to other tools that only estimate a keyword’s popularity.

How to Use Ahrefs to Find YouTube Keywords

You must first type a keyword into the search bar before using the Keyword Tool for research. The important metrics for the keyword are then returned by the tool, including its average cost per click and monthly search volume.

Additionally, a list of keyword ideas that correspond to your search is provided. You can further the keyword ideas using a number of criteria.


The Keyword Tool is free to use, however it only has a few options. Starting at $99 a month for the Lite plan, you can access all paid options.

YouTube Keyword Tool Dominator

You may obtain keyword ideas for YouTube, Amazon, Etsy, and many more platforms by using Keyword Tool Dominator, a complete keyword research tool.

How to Use Keyword Tool Dominator to Find YouTube Video Keywords?

You may search and find fresh keyword suggestions for YouTube using the straightforward interface provided by Keyword Tool Dominator. Simply type a topic into the search bar, choose your language and country, then click search to start looking for keywords.

The “Keyword contains” and “Keyword does not contain” filters are available in the search function. A minimum and maximum word count as well as a keyword score can also be specified. The programme scores all keywords according to their popularity on a scale of 1 to 100.


YouTube Keyword Tool Dominator is free. 

Paid version that you can get for a $ 29-lifetime payment 


To help YouTube video makers increase their audience, VidIQ is a keyword research tool. You can use it to discover fresh keyword suggestions, observe the frequency of keyword searches, and determine how competitive various phrases are.

How to Use VidIQ to Find YouTube Video Keywords?

Finding YouTube keywords using VidIQ is possible in a number of ways.

The first strategy is to use YouTube to directly investigate keywords. The tool will display stats for the phrase when you input a search word into the YouTube search bar, including the highest number of views for ranking videos, the typical number of views per video, the typical number of subscribers per ranking channel, and more.

A Keyword Score is also assigned to each keyword depending on the term’s overall potential.


Paid plans start at $7.50 per month 

Google Trends

A research tool that can assist you in analysing the popularity of phrases and subjects on the internet is called Google Trends. The tool can also be used to compare terms side by side and uncover related concepts.

How to Use Google Trends to Find YouTube Keywords?

You can type a keyword into Google Trends’ search bar to see information on how people are using that term.

It will show a graph charting the evolution of interest in the term over time as well as a map depicting interest in various geographic areas. Additionally, there is a list of questions and subjects that are relevant to the term you are investigating.

By region, time frame, and category, you can filter the term data in Google Trends.


Google Trends is a free tool for researching YouTube Keywords.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is a software app for managing and organizing your YouTube content. You may access it by choosing YouTube Studio from the dropdown menu that appears when you click your account icon in the top right corner of YouTube.

How to Find YouTube Keywords Using YouTube Studio?

Based on the most popular searches, you can uncover new keywords using YouTube Studio’s research feature.

To use the feature, launch YouTube Studio and select Analytics > Research. A search field and a variety of filters are available for discovering keyword suggestions.

The keyword ideas can be filtered using the tool so that they only show search terms that your present audience is using. Additionally, gaps in the content can be used to filter the results.


YouTube Studio is a free Youtube keyword search tool. 

Keyword Tool

A YouTube keyword generator named Keyword Tool makes it simple to find effective keywords to use in your videos. The tool offers all the information required to evaluate a possible term target, including its competition and its historical trends.

How to Use the Keyword Tool to Find YouTube Video Keywords?

To find keyword suggestions, Keyword Tool makes use of the autocomplete function on YouTube. You begin by typing a term into the search bar to find inspiration.

Your detailed metrics for that keyword, including its total search volume, average trend, average CPC, and average competition, will then be provided by the tool. Along with the same stats, you also receive a list of relevant keywords for every search.


Keyword Tool is a freemium YouTube marketing tool.

Paid plans start at $89 per month for the Basic plan. 

Kparser YouTube Keyword Tool

With the help of the Kparser YouTube Keyword Tool, you may uncover highly searched-for keywords to incorporate into your YouTube material.

How to Use Kparser to Find YouTube Keywords?

You must first submit a keyword idea into the search area of Kparser in order to find YouTube keywords. You must choose a language and a nation when starting a search.

The tool will start adding keyword recommendations to a queue when you start the search and then gradually fill the data for each suggestion.

You can view the monthly volume, CPC, and Kparser rank for each word, which is a rating of the phrase’s general quality.

A breakdown of each term utilised in the keyword results is also shown in the tool’s sidebar.


Kparser is another freemium YouTube keyword search tool. 

Paid plans start at $19 per month for the Basic plan.

YouTube Autocomplete

The search tool on YouTube has a feature YouTube Autocomplete. It allows you to look up popular terms associated with the subject you type in the search box.

How to Use YouTube Autocomplete for Keyword Research on YouTube

You must begin typing in the YouTube search window in order to find terms utilising YouTube Autocomplete. A pane beneath the search bar will open with a list of search terms that incorporate the characters you’ve placed into the field as you start to add letters, words, and eventually sentences.


YouTube Autocomplete is a free tool that you can use straight from YouTube.

Competitor Top Videos

Despite being more of a strategy than a technology, competitor top videos are still a very effective way to uncover relevant keywords for your YouTube material.

This YouTube keyword research technique can be done right on YouTube.

How to Use a Competitor Analysis to Find YouTube Keywords?

You must first visit one of your competitors’ YouTube channels in order to research keywords utilising competitor analysis.

To view a list of all their stuff, go there and click the Videos icon. The videos should then be sorted by Most Popular. This will make sure that you begin your research on the subjects that interest you the most.


YouTube competitor analysis is a free way to find YouTube keywords directly on YouTube without using any third-party tools.


With the use of the browser add-on TubeBuddy, you can discover the most effective terms for expanding your YouTube audience. The platform provides tools for publishing, promoting, and optimising your YouTube content in addition to keyword research.

How to Use TubeBuddy for Keyword Research?

After installing the browser extension, you’ll visit Youtube to begin gathering keyword ideas. In the upper menu, to the right of the search field, the extension will insert a new icon.

A menu including all of TubeBuddy’s tools and capabilities, including the Keyword Explorer, will appear when you click the icon.

You enter a search to acquire crucial information for that keyword when using the tool. Using a scale of 0 to 100, TubeBuddy delivers an overall score and a breakdown of scores.


TubeBuddy has both free and paid versions. 

Paid plans starts at $9 per month for the Pro plan.

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