A time-saving tool for marketing and sales, lead generating software enables you to produce more leads automatically and send them to the appropriate team. You become more recognisable, draw in more quality leads, and close more sales as a result.

The top of the sales funnel is the focus of lead generation, which often draws leads from online sources including landing sites, social media, and email. It gathers contact information from those who have shown interest in your product or service through these channels.

For a business to increase revenue, lead generation is crucial. In order to comprehend the idea, one must be familiar with the terms lead and lead production.


A streamlined lead tracking tool called OptinMonster offers features like drag-and-drop, campaign kinds, campaign triggers, and others to assist in turning website visitors into subscribers or customers.

  • It offers a drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easier to create appealing layouts, animation, sound effects, and pop-ups that are suitable for mobile devices.
  • various campaign types, including lightbox popup, slide-in scroll bar, floating bar, countdown timer, etc., are provided for constructing displays that draw in the most visitors.
  • To recognise the behaviour of the prospects and respond appropriately, it offers a variety of campaign trigger functions, including scroll trigger, inactivity sensor, time display control, etc.
  • aids in the development of campaigns targeting certain audiences.
  • It offers some practical ideas that can be used to enhance or change the tactics.
  • Basic- $9 per month
  • Plus- $19 per month


A lead management tool is Prospect.io. By giving the sales staff access to numerous tools like task management, contact management, automated workflows, etc., it helps to increase their efficiency.

  • Manage contacts by grouping them into smart parts and lists.
  • make and keep specialised sales pipelines.
  • routine workflows are automated.
  • Setting tasks, sending emails, notes, activity timelines, and attaching papers to prospects all aid in boosting productivity.
  • It facilitates revenue forecasting and activity reporting.
  • Base plan: $19 per user per month


A sales prospecting tool called FindThatLead assists in finding email addresses, validating them, and automatically sending them personalised emails. It assists in producing leads that are suitable for or up to the criteria set by its clients.

  • Finding the contacts’ email addresses quickly and producing leads.
  • automates emailing the contacts with personalised messages.
  • aids in confirming the email addresses of the recipients of your email.
  • Create leads based on the criteria you specify.
  • creates an email address using the profile’s specified URL link.
  • Growth- $49 per month
  • Startup- $150 per month


The four steps of Leadfeeder’s quality lead generation process are: Identify, Qualify, Connect, and Send leads. It first analyses the patterns of the businesses that visit your website, then it picks out the best-scoring ones, contacts them, and synchronises their data with the CRM.


uses the current website traffic to produce quality leads.

by informing you when one of your favourite accounts visits your website, assists with account-based marketing.

tracking by identifying the website visitors.

By locating high-intent leads and allocating them to the appropriate sales representative, it helps in sales prospecting.

  • Lite- $0 per month


LeadFuze looks for genuine leads. The users can avoid paying unneeded attention to listing leads thanks to a combination of AI and automation. It automatically adds new leads and adds them to the CRM based on specified settings.

  • gives more precise information on the leads.
  • helps numerous divisions, including staffing, marketing, and sales.
  • helps with account-based searching that is specific.
  • It streamlines processes.
  • It may be integrated with other programmes, like Pipedrive, Zapier, Salesforce, and others.
  • Starter- $132.30 per month
  • Scaling- $447.30 per month


Picreel is a user-friendly lead conversation tool with personalised offer pop-ups that alert visitors at the appropriate time by determining their intentions. It has several features, including simple installation, sophisticated targeting, lovely templates, insightful reports, and A/B testing.

  • enables straightforward installation with only code.
  • It offers tools for sophisticated audience targeting.
  • It offers a variety of pop-up templates for desktop and mobile devices.
  • By delivering analytical reports and A/B testing, it aids in decision-making.
  • Starter- $14 per month
  • Basic- $52 per month


Hoovers is a lead conversion tool that leverages analytics and intent data from Bombora and Dun & Bradstreet data cloud to convert leads more quickly by sending them communications that are tailored to their individual needs.

  • helps in strategically targeting the audience to reach the largest possible number.
  • provide detailed insights into the engagement and data of the prospect.
  • delivers communications that are directly relevant to prospects with the aid of AI, cutting-edge analytics, and prospects’ visualisation.
  • increases sales efficiency by offering regularly updated tailored dashboards and intent data.
  • collaborates with Bombora to provide intent data.
  • Contact for pricing.


A commercial messenger program called Intercom. With conversational help and conversational engagement, it allows users to convert leads into customers more quickly.

  • enables efficient business to customer communication through chats, texts, bots, and more.
  • Manages client journeys, provides the team with an inbox for communication, and centrally manages all customer interactions.
  • integrates all customer-related data into a single location to offer individualised service at scale.
  • It can sync data intelligently, be connected with other apps, and speed up deal closing.
  • For most businesses: Contact for pricing
  • For very small businesses- from $59 per month


By gathering information about website users’ intentions and contacting those prospects who are highly motivated to make a purchase, Albacross produces leads. It seamlessly interacts with the platforms you already use. By generating leads, personalising the website, and using account-based marketing, it improves lead conversion.

  • Identify website visitors to generate leads.
  • Select the qualified site visitors, and then add them to the sales funnel for follow-up contact.
  • It offers numerous account-based marketing channels.
  • It evaluates performance, targets the account, and advertises to the prospect.

Contact for pricing.


A sophisticated lead targeting programme is Qualaroo. It aids in the analysis of IBM Watson, Word cloud, etc. insights. It assists in bringing together the appropriate visitors at the appropriate time and offers a variety of question formats, including checkboxes, dropdown menus, binary questions, etc. to be asked of the visitors.

  • offers a variety of templates and resources to help you have better discussions and ask better questions.
  • It gives you the ability to evaluate the tone of consumer feedback so that you can respond appropriately.
  • assists in gathering information about consumers’ exit intentions and offers several ways to enhance it.
  • gives you the option to test differences between two objects using an A/B testing facility.
  • Essentials- $80 per month
  • Premium- $160 per month


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