If you’re a newbie to WordPress, you have a curiosity to learn about, “what is WordPress, WordPress themes & WordPress plugin?” and how it works.

Let’s take a brief look at what WordPress is and what it can do:

WordPress is an application that lets you create any type of website without having any complicated HTML code. Also, WordPress is a content management system & runs of PHP and a MySQL database. If you are new & want to create a website then you don’t need to know anything about code or web design simply use WordPress.

Moreover, you don’t worry about the technical side, your hosting company handles the technical part of running WordPress so that you can focus on building posts and marketing your website.

Your front end styling of the WordPress site is provided by WordPress Theme. A theme is a bunch of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and looks of a WordPress powered website. They can be edited, managed, and added from a user-friendly administration area in a second. There are various free and paid WordPress themes available. The design quality of premium themes is generally good and they provide a more refined user-experience with many options and features to create professional-looking websites.

For additional functionality on your website you need plugins. It is essentially a small code that “plugs in” to your WordPress site. In simple words, the WordPress plugin is something that includes new functionality to your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your site.

You can find WordPress plugins in different places, depending on whether you want free or paid plugins. With free plugins, you can install and use the plugin without charging anything, but sometimes few features are locked unless you pay money for using it, and for premium plugins, no doubt it offers better features.

Bonus Point:

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