On 5th June, We celebrate World Environment Day (WED) & the theme for 2020 is “Time for Nature” . We hosted WED every year. Firstly, it was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to encourage awareness about environmental issues like climate change, global warming, deforestation, etc. Not only raises issues but also it suggests that we should take action to preserve our environment.

We should take some step to aware of its concerns like:

  • We can start protecting the environment on our own & plantation events on our society, this is the small step towards big change.
  • We should use recyclable products, buying those products, and also encouraging others to purchase them.
  • We should use public transportation instead of driving and travel in a car.
  • We should abandon the use of plastic.

Every living organism is dependent on the environment, and we must protect and conserve the environment for us & for future generations. Once the environment gets degraded then it is very difficult to restore and maintain the same; due to all these issues “World Environment Day” is observed so that people will think about the environment and will try to clean it. Not only for the human being but for other creatures too.


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