We all are Coronavirus are a kind of infection. There are a wide scope of sorts and some explanation of disease. A recently distinguished coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has caused an overall pestilence of respiratory ailment, called COVID-19. (COVID-19 means: COrona Virus disease & found in 2019 )


  • COVID-19 is the malady brought about by the new coronavirus that developed in China in December 2019.
  • COVID-19 side effects incorporate hack, fever, brevity of breath, muscle of throbs, sore throat, unexplained loss of taste or smell and cerebral pains. COVID-19 can be not kidding, and a couple of cases have caused end.
  • The new coronavirus can be spread from individual to person. It is determined to have a research facility test.
  • There is no coronavirus antibody yet. Counteraction includes visit hand-washing, hacking into the twist of your elbow, remaining at home when you are wiped out and wearing a fabric face covering on the off chance that you can’t rehearse social removing.


The principal instances of the COVID-19 pandemic in Madhya Pradesh were affirmed on 20 March 2020. These were the initial four cases in Jabalpur(MP). Madhya Pradesh has affirmed an aggregate of 12,078 cases, including 521 passings and 9,215 recuperation, starting at 22 June 2020.


  • Corona virus are regular in various creatures. Infrequently, a creature coronavirus can taint people.
  • There are a wide range of sorts of coronavirus. Some of them can cause colds or other mellow respiratory (nose, throat, lung) ailments.
  • Other coronavirus can cause progressively genuine sicknesses, including extreme intense respiratory disorder (SARS) and Middle East respiratory condition (MERS).
  • Coronavirus are named for their appearance: Under the amplifying instrument, the contamination appear just as they are made sure about with pointed structures that include them like a crown, or crown.


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