International Day of Yoga is a global event celebrated on every 21st of June. This year the whole world will celebrate the 6th International Day of Yoga. This day was declared by UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY (UNGA) in December 2014.

Yoga works at three levels :-

It can improve immunity & now it is very helpful in COVID.
You can avoid depression by practicing yoga.
Yoga helps to set new goals for the global community so that we can be stronger.

International Day of Yoga Theme 2020: “Yoga at home and Yoga with family”.

The theme is declared by the Ministry of Ayush India and with the United States. This years theme shares a message that during COVID-19 people must stay home with family and should do yoga regularly as it is shown that yoga can be one of the best remedies during an epidemic.

Importance of Yoga in COVID-19 :-

Yoga has been favorable for years and not only for losing weight but also for keeping our mind and soul calm. Yoga plays an important role during the world crisis as it has healing and other alternative therapies. We have seen that the virus is increasing day by day and by staying home people are going through anxiety and depression. To feel glad and stress-free yoga can be the best therapeutic, practicing yoga helps to relieve stress and cool our mind. Another benefit of yoga during COVID-19 is that yoga helps in boosting our immunity and it has been found that yoga helps to cure breathing problems.

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