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Grey Hat SEO Techniques to Boost Your Website Ranking

Taking advantage of Google analytics by using Grey Hat SEO techniques to boost your website ranking

It is not easy to get ranked in Google Search Results. Nor is it easy to get your website a high rank. You need to publish quality content and follow all SEO guidelines to boot. The task of balancing the two can seem overwhelming. Well, you might be relieved to know there is a potential shortcut! Here are some Grey Hat SEO techniques to boost your website ranking easily and quickly.

White vs. Black vs. Grey Hat SEO

Before using Grey Hat SEO techniques to boost your website ranking, it is essential to know what they are. In straightforward terms, White Hat SEO aims to follow Google guidelines while still optimizing content for human consumption. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO takes advantage of algorithms and guidelines to craft content aimed at machines to crawl. This makes it super easy to rank high but leaves any actual person visiting your site disappointed and frustrated. Grey Hat SEO, on the other hand, tries to strike a balance between the two. So, while some Grey Hat SEO techniques are a bit sketchy, your site would still be appealing to visitors.

Using Dense Keywords

To rank higher in keyword searches, users of Black Hat SEO stuff their content with as many keywords as possible. Sometimes, their keywords are even entirely unrelated to what the website page is about. A Grey Hat SEO technique derived from this requires you to use more keywords than you normally would but also emphasizes the importance of keyword research for SEO. In other words, the keywords do need to be related to your content. At the same time, to avoid having paragraphs chock full of keywords, you must slip them into headings, alt tags, and captions of your photos.

Running a Social Media Campaign

Having a social media account linked to your website is fantastic for SEO. This is why a practical Grey Hat approach is making several such accounts. It doesn’t matter if you use duplicate content on them. The only important thing is maximizing your outreach. Of course, the marketing experts from Movers Development still recommend trying to keep these accounts somewhat ‘unique’ instead of just treating them as carbon copies of each other. It is also smart to make accounts on different social media platforms instead of having multiple accounts on a single one.

Exchanging Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial for a website’s SEO since they allow you to link your own site with other, potentially more successful ones. One of the Grey Hat SEO techniques to boost your website ranking would be to approach other business owners and offer backlink exchanges. In other words, offer to link their content on your site if they do the same for yours. This is better than straight-up paying them to feature your backlink on their site. Google typically frowns on such practices and even makes it a rule to make paid links tagged as ‘no-follow,’ which severely limits their usefulness to your SEO, rendering any such attempt to use SEO to increase sales unsuccessful.

Working with Bloggers

We just mentioned the importance of backlinks. Well, there is another Gray Hat SEO technique that you can use for this purpose. You can make several blog sites and hire bloggers to write posts for them or create content yourself. Then, post plenty of backlinks to your site. This allows you to build up a backlink resume very quickly, which, in turn, will massively boost your website ranking.

Paying for Reviews

One of the Grey Hat SEO techniques to boost your website ranking that requires investment is buying reviews. You see, Google values SEO derived from reviews a lot. Unfortunately, most people do not feel motivated to leave reviews, which slows down your accumulation of this SEO source considerably. If you pay for reviews, not only can you boost your website ranking, but you can also tilt the quality of your reviews in your favor.

Buying up Expired Domains

You can use the expired domains you purchase in two ways. First, you can use previously successful websites for backlink building. Those sites carry a lot of weight and have good SEO, so they can provide a considerable boost. Second, if you are planning to build a website, then you can purchase an expired domain of the same type that you need and alter the site to fit you better, giving you a fantastic boost when compared to starting a site from scratch. Of course, you want to purchase an actually successful domain. Getting saddled with bad SEO would be detrimental instead.

Cloaking Content

Another Grey Hat SEO technique available to you is content cloaking. Now, it must be said that this is one of the ‘murkier’ techniques you can use. This particular technique is building your URLs in such a way that human users are directed to one version of a page while Google crawlers are directed to another. It’s hard to balance SEO with quality content, but you must try and find the right balance between the two since you can leave all the SEO requirements to the cloaked version of the page.

Spinning Content

If you are struggling with content creation, then one Grey Hat technique that might help you is content spinning. In simple terms, this relies on keeping yourself informed on the most popular recent topics, then finding sites that feature related content and copying it. By rephrasing and editing the well-received content, you can then republish it as your own. At the same time, your editing would allow you to avoid getting flagged for plagiarism.

Final word

By using Grey Hat SEO techniques to boost your website ranking, you can quickly achieve positive results. However, if you want to keep your site’s SEO healthy and your content quality high, in the long run, it is still not smart to rely on Grey Hat SEO too much. White Hat SEO might achieve results more slowly, but it has much higher long-term development potential.

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