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Best Inventory WordPress Plugins (Free and Paid)

Inventory management plays a major role for small firms. As your company grows, you’ll want to handle your inventory effectively. WordPress plugins provide a variety of inventory management solutions. The proper plugin will automate your inventory procedures and provide reliable data for reporting.

A fully flexible inventory management system not only improves functionality, but it also saves your time that can be better spent serving the requirements of your expanding company.

This article is created to help you in selecting the most appropriate inventory plugin for your WordPress website and business. All of the inventory management WordPress plugins listed below are either free or premium. The majority of free plugins provide the basic capabilities, while premium plugins give additional add-ons that can help you scale your business.

Here we have listed the best WordPress inventory management plugins below:

1. Katana- WooCommerce inventory management WordPress plugin

Katana is the greatest WooCommerce inventory management WordPress plugin, designed specifically for online merchants that wish to manage their stores.
With an easy and simple drag and drop editor, you can manage your products availability, finish things, make bills, schedule your goods for manufacture, and much more.

Moreover, Katana has advanced features that aren’t available in the other solutions on this list. For example, predict delays in advance, manage inventories in real time, and link with any of the top accounting applications. Overall, Katana is a powerful inventory management tool that is well-suited to the needs of expanding eCommerce enterprises.

Katana- WooCommerce inventory management WordPress plugin


Produce in accordance with priority orders.
Multiple WooCommerce stores managed.
Track the availability of both completed items and raw resources.
Manufacturing floor-level control using the Shop Floor App.
Calculating Manufacturing Costs.
Product traceability is ensured by tracking batch numbers.
Support sales via multichannels.
Make a bill of materials for each of the items and variations.


14-day free trial & paid plan starts at $99/month.

Essential: $99/M
Pro: $299/M

2. Veeqo- Inventory WordPress Plugin

Veeqo is a powerful WooCommerce order and inventory management WordPress plugin that lets businesses manage their online stores and numerous sales channels from a single dashboard.

You may use this plugin to regulate the amount of stock displayed on your website, change product details for various channels from a single location, and automatically update inventory data in all linked stores.

Veeqo- Inventory WordPress Plugin


  • Identify the proper location of items in your warehouse.
  • View the whole history of interactions.
  • Customize paperwork for various brands and distribution channels.
  • Create several warehouses and maintain their inventory in sync.
  • In only a few clicks, you can bulk modify all of your inventory.
  • Track of inventory from anywhere across the world.


It’s paid plan starts at £120 /month.

3. WP ERP Inventory- WordPress Inventory Management System

WP ERP Inventory is a popular and powerful option among WordPress users. It has customization features that allow you to control everything exactly as you want.

This inventory management plugin gives you a complete overview of all your inventory items, including product codes, purchasing and selling prices, the number of items left in stock, and much more.

WP ERP Inventory- WordPress Inventory Management System


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Auto-generate reports for both goods purchases and sales.
  • For better data input accuracy, create a parent category.
  • Option to create invoices and vouchers automatically.
  • Integrated with tax calculation features for sales and pre-sales.
  • Data export/import is made easier by integrating with other systems.


Premium version starts at $9.99/month.


We hope you found this article useful in your search for the finest Inventory WordPress Plugins for your website. So, have a look at these Best Inventory WordPress Plugins and choose your favorite.

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