Home Seller's Frequently Ask Questions

Every type of real estate journey can be dynamic in unexpected times. Except the common questions from home sellers because it often remains the same. Regardless of the home seller’s experience whether they are newbie or pro, real estate advice and tips will be helpful for them. They will still conduct research to answer the frequent questions they ask. It is also important there are available answers that they need to know aside from having an experienced agent. Thus, house sellers can easily verify their checklist before officially selling their homes.

If you are a home buyer in Westminster or a realtor, you must prepare yourself in dealing with sellers or clients. Here are the 5 questions that you must be aware of. It will help you provide accurate information to your clients.

1. How much is the actual home selling expenses?

Although the price will still depend on the house’s current situation, there are still some typical costs that sellers might have. If sellers hired a realtor there will be an agent’s commission fees, numerous repairs and renovations, home inspections, listings, staging cost and more. It is important to note that those expenses will affect the value of the property. If it’s quite new, the value will be higher. And if not, the asset’s worth will vary according to its circumstances.

2. Steps to prepare a home before selling

For sure, house sellers already went through the process of looking for realtors or even direct buyers that are reputable. The next step is guiding them how to prepare the property. Let’s say you are an agent, you should have the knowledge to tell them if the property needs repairing, plumbing, electric issues, and so on. The house should always be attractive and clean that will encourage buyers to purchase it. This step will be beneficial when the picture taking occurs since the house is ready to be photographed.

3. Should the house be emptied or staged?

When it comes to closing a fast sale, blending the two options is effective. A staged house sells faster due to its decorations and overall appearance. Whereas an empty home is kind of enticing to prospective clients. They have to visualize the total space of the house without anything inside or just have a few items that are not distracting.

4. Should a home seller be present during viewings?

A seller can offer face to face home showings to buyers or even a video recording of the house. It will depend on the buyer’s interest whether he or she will want to buy the house right away. The client can also ask questions or request to view it personally for proper evaluation. The main key here is for the seller to be accommodating and flexible to assist the prospective buyers.

5. Do house sellers need to hire a realtor or consult a direct buyer?

Both professions have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the home seller’s goals, situations and preferences, he or she must choose wisely. If the property is brand new and not that old, a real estate agent can help the seller to appraise its value. It includes putting the house on the market and getting the best deal. On the other hand, if the property is quite distressed and needs further repairs, selling the house to direct home buyers in New Jersey would be an ideal. They can often provide the best cash offer no matter what condition it is. Of course, direct selling would be an easier path to get a quick sale but the house seller’s must pick the most trusted local home buyers.

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