Covid-19 Prevention: How to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

7 steps to decrease your chances to be Positive

Tips to prevent COVID-19 virus. Do precautions work? How to live a day-to-day life during the second wave? What are the best COVID-19 prevention?

COVID-19 PreventionAll your doubts are discarded in 7 basic steps.

1. Immunity booster

With a plethora of Supplements available in the market, it’s hard to choose which one to consume. moreover, whether to consume anything at all. It is very important to understand what actually helps, ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C and melatonin do improve immunity. Research has shown that none of these actually show covid-19 prevention. Immunity can be boosted in simple ways such as exercising, keeping a healthy diet, high fluid intake and adequate sleep. Immunity also depends on our genetics and upbringing. A person with a history of ailments may need extra attention and follow more of the following advice.

2. Invest in hygiene

Stock up sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol content and use them judiciously. Keep washing hands at least for 20 seconds at regular intervals. Such as after coming from outside, before consuming food, before handling masks, after touching any foreign or new object and before touching any other person. To avoid dryness, keep moisturizing them too. Stop sharing personal items even with family members. These things might sound very basic, but we must keep up with the basics in these times.

3. Know what essential is

Starbucks cravings, annual friends meet and distant relatives engagement ceremony do not count as essential tasks to step out. The need to fulfil basic grocery needs and everyday commodities should be the only reason for one to step out of the house. While going out maintain at least 3 feet of distance from any person and donning masks at all points of time. Working from home is a blessing in disguise. It’s a privilege to earn money while being safe inside our houses.

4. Provide aid

The spike in COVID cases this month reveals that a lot of us have gone through it and survived. The biggest gratitude we can give to the world for saving our lives is to give back as much as possible. Donate plasma, Provide monetary aid, do social services or ensure to be isolated. Spread your heart to prevent the spread.

5. Stay positive to not be positive

Our mental health is as important as our physical self. The number of deaths due to suicidal thoughts and depression have seen an immense rise in this COVID-era. Do your best to not fall into that trap and if you still do, seek immediate medical attention. Trust fate, but more than that, Trust yourself. Be thankful for every smell and taste you’re still able to enjoy.

6. Be aware and make others aware

keep regular updates of symptoms and vaccinations. Get vaccinated as soon as you get a chance to. Report any symptoms to your doctor at early stages and follow the required steps of treatment. Do inhale steam to avoid congestion. Along with that, know places around you that are containment zones. Be aware of nearby COVID hospitals, availability of beds and also the required medications. Let your elderly family members know everything and be more careful. If you have kids around you, in your home make them aware of hygienic daily practices too.

7. Wear masks

Understating the usage of masks is our biggest threat, it is the best way in covid-19 prevention. The highest risk of infection is via sneezing and coughing. Only masks can prevent the transmission of respiratory droplets. Masks do not prove sufficient if worn in a non-prescribed way. Medical professionals recommend N95 and surgical masks to be the best amongst others. At the end of the day makes sure you also discard your masks in biohazard waste bins. With that avoid multiple usages of any masks as much as possible.

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