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3 Best Free Square Plugin That Can Help You to Increase Sales?

best free square plugin that can help you to increase user

Today, the rise of digital payment methods is increasing gradually, and most business owners constitute a physical store and an online store. It would be slightly difficult to handle your brand’s different aspects, such as inventory, transactions, and more. If you own a WooCommerce store and would like to manage both in-person and online sales from one place to another, then the square payment method is a great solution to solve your queries.

The WooCommerce square integration works quite well in the selected countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK. Hence, this article will discuss the three best free square plugins that will boost sales and generate enormous revenue with WordPress or WooCommerce Integrated Square Plugins.

1. myCred Square

myCred square add-on allows the user to purchase the myCred points via the square payment gateway. You can simply accept credit card payments and easily verify the transactions via your square dashboard.

Users can simply purchase myCred points by selecting packages such as a limited number of points or entering the number of points they seek to buy. The admin can also set multiple quantity restrictions, i.e., minimum or maximum, on the range of points a user can buy in a simple and effective order.


  • Fixed Quantity – myCred Square addon allows the users to buy a limited amount of points using the square payment gateway.
  • Custom Quantity – myCred Square addon lets users enter the range of points they want to buy via the square plugin.
  • Min/Max Quantity – Admin can set min and max requirements based on how many points a user can purchase.
  • Purchasing Frequency – Admin can adjust ‘purchase frequency’ as per day, week, and month.
  • Hook Points – Admin can adjust ‘Hooks Points’ for the customers upon purchasing ‘points’.

2. WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress

If you are looking for a freemium payment gateway for your WordPress site, consider WP EasyPay to accept online credit card payments. The user can easily start the acceptance of both one-time and recurring payments on your WordPress-powered site without any hurdle of how to set up a shopping cart. No, any code development is required. WPExperts works perfectly for accepting simple payments or donation purposes and fulfills your requirements of one-time payments via the free version, which is enough to scale your business to the next level.

This plugin can help you accept simple payments; if you own a business that consumes tuition fees, hostel fees, or charging some sort of fee online, you will receive the solution for FREE. Similarly, if you manage charities and accept payments in the form of donations. In this case, users can donate online by selecting a particular amount.


  • Improved UI/UX.
  • Easy to Set Up.
  • Multiple Payment Options.
  • Authenticates the Functionality of Integrating to Square.
  • Create Multiple Buttons along with the Multiple Square Accounts.
  • Supportability of Shortcodes.
  • Provides the option of Global Individual Settings for Square.
  • Customized Form Builder.
  • Drag & Drop Custom Field Functionality.
  • Allow Custom or Fixed Amount.
  • Display Multiple Styles for Amount Types.
  • Default or Builtin Mail Tags.
  • Supports Sandbox for a Trial Run or Execution.
  • A separate Notification Email is sent to both Admin and User.
  • Edit, Delete, Replicate the Custom Form Fields.
  • Multiple Display Styles For Forms, i.e., Single Form, Form in Popup, Form Wizard, Form Wizard in a popup).
  • Builtin Transaction Notes Tags.
  • Display Subscriptions and Transaction Reports.
  • Custom Forms with the Theme Color and Display Form Shadows.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans.
  • Safe & Secure Payment Transactions.
  • DisplaysTransaction in Square.

3. Square for WooCommerce

This plugin offers a streamlined integration of Square for WooCommerce via providing a dual synchronization option that integrates square payment gateway with the WooCommerce platform. You will be able to synchronize WooCommerce products, categories, images, sales information, customer data, and inventory in both manual and instant orders. It also facilitates simple and intuitive management of multiple retail channels from one place.

In particular, the plugin also helps you to incorporate the Square payment option in the checkout page that allows customers to make payments without leaving the site. This plugin also allows you to handle refunds from the WooCommerce admin itself. It also supports payments through major credit cards and digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.


  • Enables the user to integrate the square payment gateway with your WooCommerce store.
  • Provides two-way sync of inventory management.
  • Gather payments from multiple sources.
  • Credit cards and digital wallets are supported.
  • Enables customers to save their payments later.
  • Improved reporting features.

Final Verdict

Hence, the plugins mentioned above provide detailed and comprehensive insights to increase sales and generate an enormous amount of revenue for your business website. The overall compatibility of plugins provides you a great essence to build sustainability and reliance to proceed ahead in the consumer marketplace. The selection of these plugins gives you higher predictability to stay ahead in terms of customized payment methods.

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