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The Best (100% Accessible) Flipbook Software of 2021

The Best (100% Accessible) Flipbook Software of 2021

Flipbooks are the new and unique way to create content for your customers and keep them engaged and wanting more from your brand. Finding the best flipbook software can be a tough challenge, but we’re here to make that journey more streamlined, and show you why is our top pick in terms of accessible flipbook software.

Within this post we will explore key themes regarding flipbooks, and help you get to grips with Paperturn’s features and how you can use them to your advantage!

What is a Flipbook?

First thing’s first – what actually is a flipbook? Now, you might be thinking, aren’t flipbooks those paper things with drawings on them, that move when you flick through the pages? The short answer is “yes”, but that’s not exactly what we mean in this instance. When talking about “flipbooks” nowadays, we’re referring to the online versions of magazines, brochures, guides, catalogs, eBooks and other marketing materials, all under one category – aka “the flipbook”.

Digital flipbooks enable users to present their content in a real-page turning, online and interactive format. Flipbooks are displayed in HTML5 format, which has been growing in popularity in recent years. Flipbooks are typically transformed from ready-made, static PDF files, and are brought to life via interactivity and various engaging features.

How to Turn a PDF into a Flipbook

With Paperturn (aka the best accessible flipbook software) you can transform any document into a flipbook by following the steps below:

  1. Make sure your document is converted into a PDF file.
  2. Upload your file onto Paperturn,
  3. Watch your file get transformed into a fun, page-turning digital document.
  4. Add background colors to match your brand’s image, and incorporate your logo.
  5. Implement various interactive features such as links, videos, advertising banners, lead capture forms and more.
  6. Share your flipbook via social media, email, or simply embed it onto your website.
  7. Use the built-in statistics feature or Google Analytics integration to track your flipbook’s progress and to learn more about how your users engage with your content.

How to Make your Digital Content Accessible

Nowadays it’s vital to ensure that your digital content can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their disability or impairment. Paperturn has a fully accessible website, platform and flipbook viewer, and details of this can be found under their Accessibility Statement.

Their accessibility feature allows for disabled users to customize the look of their dashboard to suit their needs. Some of these functions include: making the text bigger, changing the font, highlighting links, changing the colours, etc. In addition, the Disability Interface Tool has some pre-built disability profiles for a complete customization of the user experience – these include, but are not limited to, a “Seizure Safe” profile, a “Visually Impaired” profile, an “ADHD Friendly Profile” and many more.

Making your digital content completely accessible requires a few quick and straightforward steps:

  1. Ensure that your PDF file is accessible by following this PDF accessibility guide.
  2. Upload your accessible PDF to Paperturn.

After completing these two steps above, Paperturn will go above and beyond to provide your users with the Disability Interface Tool for extra customization and ease of use.

Now that you’ve got an idea about the best, accessible, flipbook software of 2021, be sure to contact Paperturn’s customer support team, or book a demo call with a sales rep, if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can start up a free 14-day trial, and try it out for yourself.

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