What Is Web Data Scraping And Why Do You Need It?

The process of exporting bulk information from a website into an Excel or CSV file or local file saved on your computer is called web scraping.

Data is the basis for many products like Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, LinkedIn, without it these products would not exist. These platforms have data in the form of emails, phone numbers, videos, images, places, text, etc.
What if you wanted to make your own database by using these websites? You need that data for marketing or selling purposes, but it’s not made available in a public API that anyone can use. To get this data you need to scrape it from websites using web scraping technology. You can scrape data from a website by using web scraping tools by hiring a programmer or freelancer, you can also hire staff for this purpose. But, using a web scraper tool is the best, cheapest and fastest way to scrape data from any website even if you don’t have any programming knowledge. A web scraper can find information from websites by keywords, zip codes, and URLs and then can extract and export data for your targeted keywords in minutes.

However, when you scrape data from a website, make sure:

    • You have to respect the terms and conditions of the website.
    • You have a reliable and easy-to-use web data scraper.
    • You don’t try to scrape private parts/information of the website.

What Are The Best Options For Scraping Data From Websites?

Following are the best options for data scraping and exporting data from websites.

1. Google Map Extractor

The creator of Google Maps Data Extractor developed this tool to scrape any kind of data from Google Maps because they believe that Google Maps is the most used platform to collect business data for b2b marketing. Google Maps offers high-quality business data for b2b marketers and freelancers free of charge but doesn’t provide any export/download option to save this data. So, you have to manually copy-paste this data from Google Maps to Excel and it is a very boring, tiring, and time taking process. That’s where Google Maps Scraper comes in handy and you can get rid off copy-paste work and can extract and export data from Google Maps to Excel automatically without writing a single line of code. This means, if you are a marketer or a big organization, now you can get bulk business data from Google Maps in minutes by using Google Maps Business Listings Scraper. Just enter your keywords in the search bar of the Google Maps Email Extractor and then export data from Google Maps search results to Excel in minutes. Google Maps Contact Extractor can find businesses by name, zip codes, business listing URLs, and locations. You will get business email, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, latitudes, longitudes, descriptions, image links, social media links, website links, and much more by using this Google Maps Lead Extractor.

2. Cute Web Email Extractor

Cute Web Email Scraper is another choice of email marketers, if you need to extract only emails from websites, search engines, and local files or if you want to extract email marketing data in CSV/Excel format so you can analyze it without writing any code. Email Extractor Software takes a person or business name as input and searches for emails on the internet for this name and then can extract and export emails from the search results in minutes. Although Cute Web Email Finder is perfect if you’re not a programmer, or you’re just starting with data science and web scaring, it has its limitations. You can get an email database for any industry and country by using this email scraper software such as USA email database, UK email database, CA email database, Doctor’s email database, business owners email database, etc.

3. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Cute Web Phone Number Scraper is one of the most favorite web scraping tools by telemarketers. The reason is, it Is very user-friendly, cheap, and provides 100% accurate results. Phone Number Finder can find and build a huge phone number database for any country and industry. You can search for phone numbers by name, zip code, website URL, category, industry type, and mobile company code. One of the main advantages of the Cute Web Mobile Number Extractor is you can schedule it to scrape information from the web automatically. It also offers a wide variety of formats to save the extracted data, from CSV, Excel to Text files.

4. Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Extractor is one of my favorite tools to get for email marketing and telemarketing as it can extract both emails and phone numbers from websites and search engines. The data collected by Top Lead Extractor is structured, ready-to-use, clean, and is available in different formats such as Excel, Text, and CSV. Moreover, it offers many filters to get the data you need. Email and Phone Number Finder can extract social media links from websites also like Skype ID, messenger ID, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ IDs from the websites.


Collecting data for multiple websites for marketing purposes is not an easy task. This task could be quite time-consuming and boring if you’re doing it manually, and if you work in a company or even freelance, you know that time is money, therefore everyone tries to find the easiest and shortest way to do something.
The good news is that these web scraping tools don’t need any manual work and provide data in minutes for targeted industries and countries. If you have the right web scraping in your hand you can save a lot of time, money, and effort.

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