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4 Best Motivation Blogs


Motivation is the need of life. Whether you are striving for material goals or spiritual ones, without having some kind of motivation, nothing can be achieved. There was a strong motivation, presence of desire, behind everything great that has happened in the world. All innovators, thinkers, scientists, philosophers, leaders, artists, etc. were motivated by something or other. It is not only needed when doing something really big. You also need the motivation to be able to face life challenges.


Anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and all other mental problems that we see in today’s lifestyle are all result of the absence of the right motivation. Questions and doubts in people’s minds are not cleared. They are confused and have lost a sense of purpose. Such are the times we are living in and in this case scenario, people, for their own good, need to make efforts to get the needed dose of motivation.


Knowing the answer to fundamental questions, overcoming fear, and knowing your ways through life can really get you the best motivation. Book reading is an option for such motivation but the busy lifestyles of the 21st-century do not allow people to dive deep into fat books. This fast-paced lifestyle demands precise and accurate things. Things that are serving the purpose and taking lesser time. Internet blogs become a great resort for people.


Many blogs are written on various subjects these days to make it very easy for people to satiate their hunger for knowledge and get some needed motivation as well. A plethora of blogs is published every day and each blog has something to offer. If you are wise enough to find a good writer whose work motivates you and feels you with knowledge, it becomes easy to fuel yourself with motivation and knowledge. There are writers like Giovanni Azael who are writing the best blogs and Podcasts under That Good Ol Feelin domain that are full of knowledge and can provide you with the right kind of motivation.


Listing four blogs from Giovanni Azael that can be a worthwhile read for you:


Don’t Lose Yourself While Trying to Find Yourself


The Life We Were All Born to Live


How to Overcome Fear


5 Ways to Create A Happier You


Not talking much about what is in the blogs as titles tell you the gist and it is for you to read and. What can be said is that these self improvement blogs from Giovanni Azael will not only provide you with the motivation but left you a lot clear about yourself and life in general.

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